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What You Should Know About Topping

Topping is the most severe way to prune a tree. When a tree is topped, its height is cut down by a lot. This can be done by either cutting the main trunk at a certain height or by cutting off large branches. The method has many uses in the real world, like coppicing and pollarding, which are used in the wood harvesting business. But it’s rarely necessary to cut the top off of a tree in a residential area.

What Is Tree Topping?

Tree topping is the process of cutting a tree down to size. It is also called rounding over, heading, or tipping. During topping, the tree’s whole canopy may be cut off. Sometimes, only the big branches at the top of the tree are cut off, leaving smaller branches, or “stubs,” behind.

Usually, trees that have been damaged by a storm and could be dangerous are cut down. Tall trees that could grow too much and get in the way of power lines or utility lines are sometimes topped. When trees get too big for their properties or pose unacceptable risks, some homeowners choose to cut them down.

No matter what the reason is for topping a tree, it is not a good idea from the tree’s point of view.

Tree Topping
Tree Topping

Some Wrong Ideas About Topping

First of all, you should know that Tree Removal Irvine doesn’t usually recommend topping. Most of the time, topping is the last thing that is tried after all other options have been tried. Some people think that topping trees is a good thing to do because they believe some common myths about it. The first reason is that it makes the tree’s leaves less of a mess. This is only true for a short time, and the tree’s life is in danger. Most of the time, the new shoots that grow from the top of the tree grow faster and have more leaves than before.

Another myth is that it always makes the tree less likely to fall over. This isn’t true, because if your weight isn’t balanced, topping can make you more at risk. Also, a tree might not be about to fall over even if it looks like it at first. A certified arborist in Irvine is the only one who can say for sure if there are clear signs of structural weakness that could cause the tree to fall. If you think the top of your tree needs to be cut off, you should always talk to a trained arborist first. There may be many other options that would be much safer for the tree.

Topping Is A Risky Last Choice

If you cut the top off of a tree, you can cause it a lot of stress and even kill it. Because of many things, topping a tree can be very bad for its health. First of all, when a tree is topped, a large number of its leaves are usually cut off. A tree that can’t make its own food through photosynthesis will eventually die of hunger. Topping also leaves a tree open to sun scald, bark damage, and organisms that cause decay, all of which can kill the tree in the long run. Both the new growth that comes from topping and the stub that is left behind are very vulnerable to insects and diseases.

Remember that you should always talk to a certified arborist before you try to cut down a tree. Topping a tree is dangerous not only for the tree but also for the person doing the cutting and any property near the tree. Whenever you can, it’s best to let experts do the topping. Tree Removal Irvine has certified arborists who can help you figure out what’s best for your trees’ health.